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How We Came To Be

Had my  husband, Mark, not been, shall we say, “frugal,” Sweet Lime Furnishings might never have happened.

In 2002, we bought a house on St. Croix packed to the gills with well-worn furniture, and I started pricing replacements. Mark had a better plan: order a container of furniture, keep what we needed and sell the rest.

That was some 100 containers ago. 

With a BA in English, an MA in English Literature, and PhD work in American Literature, I had been a teacher, a writer, an editor, and a newspaper columnist. In short, nothing had really prepared me to grow a one-container idea into a business serving St. Croix and other nearby islands—nothing  except the fun I had creating a beautiful living environment in my own home and those of my customers.

Apart from raising my kids, Sweet Lime Furnishings has been the greatest learning experience of my life! Not every climate demands as much from furniture as ours does—I’ve learned to select what works here, what will last without sacrificing beauty and comfort.

Mark and I have established relationships with reliable vendors whose products are “Caribbean ready,” but I'm never done shopping. I’m always looking. Every trip we take is for me a search for the things that say to me "Sweet Lime Style.” 

- Pat Sellergren, Owner, Sweet Lime Furnishings