Our Hospitality Partners works with with you to create ... The goal of the program is to ensure that that you have all the... that you need to have in place... that the environment you create for your guests is... (hopefully you see where I'm  going with this!)

(incorporate this above) an exciting, beautiful and comfortable rental villa or condo environment for your guests. We help you "develop an identity" (wrong words) that distinguishes your property from everything else out there in the marketplace, and a marketing plan so that getting the word out there... And, when you're ready to go-to-market, all your policies, housekeeping guides, and checklists are ready for your first guest (reword).

Our Services include:

  • The Hospitality Partners Program
  • Branding and Marketing Programs
  • Development of Guest Information and Policies
  • Creation of Housekeeping Guidelines and Checklists


Hospitality Partners works with rental villa and condo owners to create exciting, beautiful and comfortable environments for their rental guests. Creating a welcoming environment leads to higher occupancy and repeat bookings. It’s all about attention to detail, anticipating what your guests will want, and exceeding expectations. So, let’s get started -- we’ll help you take your property from “Now to Wow”!

Our Hospitality Partners Program includes

  • A site Visit
  • Our first impressions
  • A style assessment
  • A guest readiness assessment
  • A 90-day Action Plan


Descrpition here! (Keep it High-level... but make sure you say that it is client-specific)

Bass Cottage Inn, in Bar Harbor, Maine

Bass Cottage Inn, in Bar Harbor, Maine

Our programs are led by Sweet Lime store manager Teri Anderholm, who along with her husband, Jeff, saved one of Maine's oldest historic inns from the wrecking ball, restored it and created Bass Cottage Inn in Bar Harbor, one of the finest small luxury inns in New England. Over the 15 years they owned it, Bass Cottage earned TripAdvisor's Certificate of Excellence every year, racking up more than 600+ Excellent five-star reviews.