Our Team

Mark and Pat Sellergren, Owners

Mark and I first fled an Iowa winter for the Caribbean in 1980 with a trip to Jamaica. It rained a good deal of the time we were there but we didn’t care—rain did not require shoveling. We lay in the sun like a couple of soporific lizards, exclaimed how wonderful it felt to be warm all the way through, and vowed that someday we would live on an island where the summer was year-round.

Flash forward through several other Caribbean holidays and owning for a few years a place on Bequia in the Grenadines. We were looking again for our perfect island. Some Iowa friends suggested St. Croix.

You know that feeling you get when you just KNOW you’re home? That was how we felt about St. Croix the minute we stepped off the plane in 2002. We still feel that way.


Kathleen Cacciato, Sales Associate

Sweet Lime Furnishings’ newest team member is Kathleen Cacciato. A lifelong resident of Chicago, Illinois, Kathleen gave up the incredible Chicago skyline and the harsh Chicago winters and relocated to St. Croix in 2015. This was a move she had dreamt about and planned for over 20 years. While Kathleen’s background is in industrial marketing, her love for beautiful furnishings and art led her to Sweet Lime Furnishings. Today you will find Kathleen waiting to greet you to Sweet Lime Furnishings and assist you in purchasing that special piece of furniture or art that is perfect for you.